EM kvalifikationsløb

  • - Top 10 overall qualifies for Elite division or Age groups
  • - Top 10 of each age group qualifies to compete at Age groups

A qualification for elite entitles you to participate either in the elite or age groups division. However a qualification for Age groups only allows you to participate in the age groups division.

It will only be possible to qualify at an age group if the qualifying race publishes the results per age group!
If the race does not publish results per age group It will only be possible to qualify on the overall results!

Important note: No more than 50 % of an age group or a gender in a division at a specific event can qualify for the OCR European Championships (e.g. if an age group has only 10 athletes in it, only the top five athletes are deemed qualifiers). The calculation is based on the number of starting participants in the race/relevant heat and not the number of athletes who finished the race/heat. In case of an odd number we round up in favour of the athletes.

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